About Us


GAAP Advisors caters to the need of all persons, companies and organisations whether private or public or whether for profit or not-for-profit in the world preparing, presenting, reviewing, auditing, or studying financial reports based on financial reporting standards.



To be a global leader in financial reporting services


  • Provide total quality oriented solutions on Indian and International GAAPs with focus on client satisfaction.
  • Provide professional opportunities to small and medium professionals specialising in financial reporting services.
  • Become a recognised force in standard setting and have significant impact by participating in all consultation documents of IASB and IPSASB.
  • To remove locational barriers by providing platform to Small/medium professionals interested to achieve excellence in financial reporting.
  • To provide whole set of financial reporting services online.
  • Customers located at any corner of the world receive the best quality financial reporting service.

Services related to Financial Reporting: Electronic mode services / Traditional mode services

Electronic mode Services:
  • Financial Reporting Issues Repository
  • Financial Reporting Notes Repository
  • Financial Statements Review Service
Traditional mode Services:
  • Issue based Consulting
  • Review of Financial Statements
  • Financial instruments including hedge accounting, documentation and training
  • On-site consulting on Ind AS
  • Ind AS Conversion
  • Preparation of Accounting Manual