Issue Repository Service

Issue Repository Service

What is Issue Repository ?

Issue Repository is suited for all persons, companies and organisations preparing, presenting, reviewing auditing or studying financial reports of companies based on financial reporting standards. The issue repository is akin to a book that contains issues and responses on financial reporting standards. A book is published once in a year whereas the issue repository is updated daily with new issues and responses. If the reader of the book has any issues of his / her own that is not addressed in the book, he / she has very less chance of communicating with the author and getting the same resolved. However, in issue repository once you register, you can raise as many issues as you have for which you could not find any response in the repository for free. All your issues are responded by our panel of experts. Further, a book is confined to one framework only whereas the issue repository has a number of frameworks and one can get response to the same issue under different frameworks such as Ind AS, IFRS, IPSAS etc. Further, a book carries a lot of weight and is highly inconvenient to carry whereas the issue repository is web based which travels with you as you travel with no weight.

Features of Issue Repository:

  • Free registration
  • Raise issues and receive responses for free. Attach files while raising issues.
  • Issues raised are responded by a team of resource persons have exposure in application of financial reporting standards and the responses are vetted by a team of approving users having expertise in financial reporting standards. This ensures quality and authenticity of responses
  • Multiple frameworks such as Indian GAAP (Accounting Standards), Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), International Public Sector Accounting Standards etc. – All at one place
  • All issues are identified with applicable framework, applicable standard within that framework and categorised as practical or theoretical or educational
  • Search issues based on framework, standards, category or by keywords
  • All issues identified by unique id for any further clarification or correspondence
  • Extremely affordable – Rs.999/- per month, that is, Rs. 33.33 per day or Rs. 9999 per annum, that is, Rs. 28 per day.
  • Earn while you learn – Especially for Students – 5% of the subscription amount received through your referral is transferred to your bank account subject to applicable taxes. For referral, you need to be a registered user (may not be subscribed user)
  • Earn credits on subscription

Discounts available on bulk subscriptions.